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  • How do you get the products to the store so quickly?
    In Canada, most salad greens are grown in an outdoor field farm or imported from in the states, washed in a different location, packed in another, and trucked all over the country. At Deepwater Farms, our greens are grown, harvested, packed, and shipped out of one location – so you always know where your greens come from. And our farms are located close to our grocery stores. Most of our stores lie within a 200km radius of our farms (or a 3 hour drive) so we can quickly get freshly harvested product into the market.
  • Deepwater Farm greens are especially tender, why is that?
    At Deepwater Farms we grow in an indoor, controlled environment, and sell our produce locally. Unlike field grown greens, which are subject to harsh weather conditions and a long journey from importing from the US, our greens are grown for flavour and nutrition instead of durability. Deepwater's greens are grown in water in a hydroponic system and given the perfect amount of nutrients, so they don’t 'struggle' which can cause greens to become tough and bitter. Given this perfect environment, and a short drive to the local supermarket, we are able to harvest them at their best which results in beautifully fresh and tender salads.
  • The arugula looks different - why is it round?
    Our arugula has a rounded leaf shape, but it’s still arugula! This variety may look a little different, but it still has the signature peppery arugula flavour. In fact, most say they prefer Deepwater Farms arugula because it is less bitter and more flavourful than its field-grown counterparts. It may look like spinach, but it's not spinach, trust us!
  • Do I need to wash Deepwater Farms greens?
    There is no need to wash! All of Deepwater Farms products are ready to eat. Our greens are grown in a controlled indoor environment, which allows for cleaner, safer, and pesticide free produce. You do not need to wash our produce, unless you prefer to.
  • Do you use pesticides?
    No! We do not spray our greens with any pesticides, herbicides or fungicides at all. Integrated Pest Management allows us to control the population of pests in the greenhouse without the use of pesticides or insecticides.
  • How does Deepwater grow their products?
    Deepwater Farms grows hydroponically inside greenhouse farms. We start with seeds, and plant them into a soil-free media. We let the plants grow on top of water, under specialized lighting, in a perfect temperature greenhouse and give them the vitamins and minerals they need through the water. We harvest them as a baby leaf, pack them that same day, and ship to stores within hours of harvest!
  • What does "hydroponic" mean?
    Our lettuces and herbs absorb the nutrients they need through water, as opposed to field growing where nutrients are absorbed through the soil. The water keeps the greens hydrated and allows us to control vitamin and mineral uptake. The hydroponic system also allows no agricultural runoff, and water recirculation, which is tested frequently. This method uses 90% less water than traditional field grown produce.
  • Why do you grow indoors?
    There are many benefits to growing in an indoor vertical farm. First, we can provide fresh local greens year round, even in the winter, even in the chilly Canadian cold! An indoor, controlled environment allows for less volatility due to weather and less exposure to pests. Growing in water eliminates soil contamination and allows us to control the input materials that go into the greens.
  • How do I apply for a job at Deepwater?
    Join our amazing team of experts who spend their days making work better for others. We’re always open to friendly, hardworking, and passionate people to join our team. Please send us a message through the contact page for current position opening.
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