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Locally Grown All-Year Round

Our baby greens are grown in a controlled environment 365 days a year, ensuring that we deliver the freshest greens no matter the season.

Food Safety

You need to be confident about the safety of the food you serve.  Deepwater Farms is CanadaGAP certified ensuring our products are held to the leading industry food safety standards.

Intense Flavour

You cannot beat the flavour, freshness, and beauty our local greens add to dishes.  A little goes a long way! 


We love distributing our own products to our customers to ensure quality, freshness and the best price. We also work with all the leading food service distributors.

Image by Bakd&Raw by Karolin Baitinger

For Chefs

Deepwater Farms was established by working directly with the local chefs to discover how we could bring fresh produce to their restaurants all year round. It was by working directly with chefs that deepwater farms discovered shared values of honesty, integrity, consistency and of course good ingredients. We pride ourselves on supplying creative chefs and kitchens with our baby greens.

We would love to work with you

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