We grow fresh leafy greens and raise sea bass in a closed-loop vertical farm.


Deepwater Farms Co-Founder Kevin Daniels explains the Deepwater Farms system.

Aquaponic Food is Better

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Plants Grown in Harmony with Fish

We feed the fish and the fish fertilize the plants. The system uses almost no water (source) and can grow plants 20% to 200% faster (source) than traditional agriculture.

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Locally Grown in Calgary

We’re growing food within the city limits. If you want to see where our food is grown, we can show you.

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Harvest and Delivered in 24 Hours

Fresh food is more nutritious (source). We deliver as soon as possible so that you get the most out of every bite.



Interested in buying fresh local greens for your restaurant or retail store? Looking to invest in locally-raised fish? We’re happy to set you up with a product sheet, samples, and a tour of the farm.




Are you someone who likes to support local business? We’re proud to offer our fish and produce through a number of amazing retailers in Calgary.



Other Inquiries

We’re a community-based business and we’re always looking for new partnerships and opportunities. If you’ve got a proposal in mind, let us know.