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Mixed Baby Kale

Soft, sweet, and sturdy. Baby kale is our #1 product and it has been since the day we opened our doors. You can find it on the menu at Model Milk, Ten Foot Henry, and Shokunin.


Baby Mizuna Mustard

Elegant, pointed leaves with a little bit of spicy kick. These mustard greens add style and grace to the menu. You can find them at Yellow Door Bistro, Model Milk, and Teatro.


Baby Arugula

Spicy. Like, ‘lava-in-your-mouth’ spicy. A few leaves of this will make an unbeatable eggs benny or breathe new life into a traditional salad mix. You can find our arugula at Una, Broken Plate, and Cucina.

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Deepwater Sea Bass

You just can’t get fish that are fresher than this. We raise sea bass in warm, oxygen-rich water to help them grow fast and firm. We sell them whole, at 1 or 2 lbs. You can find them on the menu at Shokunin, La Chaumiere, or Cucina.

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6,000+ pounds


Seafood sold

500+ fish





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