Aquaponics technology allows us to grow plants in a revolutionary way. Plant roots sit in water instead of soil, and the nutrients they need are derived from fish waste, as opposed to inorganic chemical solutions that are used in hydroponics and traditional methods.

Deepwater Farms technology constantly recirculates water, and we never have to throw it away or treat it. We feed our fish organic food, and natural bacteria breaks down and converts any fish waste into plant food, allowing us to feed our plants the same nutrients they would receive in the highest quality organic fields. This is a closed loop, truly sustainable system. 

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changing the way we think about our food chain

Access to local food supply, produced responsibly, without leaving a harmful environmental footprint is the path forward to true human sustainability. 

This is why at Deepwater Farms we believe that Aquaponics technology systems must be available to all who wish to challenge conventional systems and processes, and take charge creating a world we can all be proud to live in.

Deepwater Farms, through powerful collaboration, is leading the way in Aquaponics research, systems development, and technological infrastructure.