Calgary’s first aquaponic farm

We grow fresh leafy greens and raise sea bass in a closed-loop vertical farm. We want to bring the food closer to the people and people closer to their food.


Deepwater Farms Co-Founder Kevin Daniels explains the Deepwater Farms system.


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Indoor Aquaculture

One half of the system is a vertical, indoor fish farm containing more than 50,000 fish. The fish are fed a premium fish food crafted in British Columbia which contains fish, chicken, wheat, and peas. The fish waste is collected, upgraded, and used to fertilize the plants.

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Vertical Hydroponics

The other half of the farm grows greens without using soil. The plants float on rafts while their roots dangle directly into nutrient-rich water. Growing conditions are consistent all year round, producing a reliable supply of healthy vegetables.

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Fresh, Local Food

When it comes to fish and greens, fresh is better. Hands down. Without a doubt. That’s why we do cut and deliver in 24 hours. The result is a product that is better for you and can stay in the fridge for weeks, rather than days.



We supply some of the best chefs and grocers in Calgary. If you’re interested in buying fresh local greens or humanely-raised sea bass, we can help you.




Are you someone who likes to support local business? We’re proud to offer our fish and produce through a number of boutique retailers in Calgary.




We’re a community-based business and we’re always looking for new partnerships and opportunities. If you’ve got a proposal in mind, let us know.